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A Tribute With A Funny Taste

Yes all of us know the great king of pop has died due to a heart attack as he collapsed in his rented mansion last June 25, 2009. After his death a lot of things came popping out of the internet, tributes and other things just to show how great he was. But I in the other hand found a weird video from youtube. It was an audition from Malaysian Idol which was held in 2004. Lyrics added got it from one of the comments. By the way the lyrics added is not the true lyrics of the song but instead, due to the video which has a low quality and a little noisy background, the guy/gal who posted it got the lyrics by watching the video. Enjoy!

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American Idol Season 8 Winner: Kris Allen

Well here it is, the American Idol Season 8 winner. I created this topic to congratulate this seasons winner; Kris Allen. This post includes all his songs starting from Top 13, which are also the studio versions.

Kris Allen

Kris Allen was from Conway, Arkansas and auditioned for the American Idol Season 8 at Louisville, Kentucky. He went to Hollywood and made his way up through the Top 13. Kris is talented while performing he used to hold musical instruments such as an acoustic guitar, piano and keyboard. He performed songs which he got good compliments from judges that he would make it to the top. But still a time will come when your performance will not be as good (or as bad) as the last one. He impressed the judges with his version of “She Worked Hard For The Money” on disco week, again with his version of “Heartless”. It was a battle for the finals when both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert battled it out. Kris had a hard time singing the coronation song “No Boundaries” but still it was a close battle between the two finalist. In the end gaining the most votes from all around America, Kris Allen came out as the winner. He was shocked to hear it and he said that Adam Lambert deserves it more, he was still being the humble type until the end.

Off to his songs starting from Top 13. Songs provided are Studio Versions except for the Finale.

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American Idol Season 8 – Finale Live Performances Downloads

Here they are as promised, the live performances from the American Idol Finale. Almost everything is here except for David Cook’s song “Permanent” and the awardees performances (Nick Mitchell, Katrina Darell and Tatiana Del Toro) are not included.


I liked Kris Allen’s  performance with Keith Urban here with the song “Kiss the Girls” as well as Danny Gokey and Lionel Richie’s duet. And for Jason Mraz, who came out performing with bare feet, that was weird. Oldies also came crunching the stage, Rod Stewart who almost tripped while walking to the microphone stand. Kiss as usual wearing their make up and Gene Simmons still has his Bass “Axe” Guitar, and a performance with all the fireworks. Lastly Queen even though without Freddie Mercury still rocked the stage with their song We Are the Champions along with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

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American Idol Season 8 – The Finale

UPDATED: Links are now back to mediafire enjoy them as you like them. I have also added a studio version of Adam Lambert’s No Boundaries.

Well it comes to the week where the American Idol Season 8 has been crowned. From thousands who audited to just two battling for the number spot and gain the title.

This finale is a duel between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Danny Gokey was eliminated last week by the voters and let Kris Allen pass through. Even though we all know that he had many negative comments from the judges. But this is  a democratic competition, where voters actually pick their man, just like voting for a president.

The Final Two

On performance night the Idols had to sing 3 types of song, one song which was picked by the director himself, Simon Fuller and one for what they had performed through out the competition and songs picked by Kara DioGuardi. Round by round the two contestants had to battle, at first Kris won the judges comments while in the second round Adam takes it. Some of the most negative comments came from Simon Cowell which he said to Kris that it was a big mistake from America for voting him and still being in the competition (ouch!).

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American Idol Season 8 Top 3 Studio Performances Downloads

Top 3 of the American Idol Season 8 Studio Performances Downloads are now here for you to enjoy once again. Just one more week and the world will see who will become the next American Idol.

About last week’s episode, the only lady left on the Season was voted out and that was Allison Iraheta. She had a good time at American Idol I can say. But it was worth it, If you were one who applied and got into the Top 4 what would you feel, at least you have gotten somewhere, just like Allison.

The Remaining Top 3 Finalist

On yesterday’s performance the Top 3 had to sing two songs, one is which the judges would choose for them to perform and the other one was as usually their own choice. The performances were great, judges all gave positive comments for each of the Top 3 finalist but still some had a few bad ones. I liked Kris Allen’s version of Heartless, he made it into a different song, and I can agree better than the original. Danny on the other hand was dancing which he got a comment from Simon. Adam on the other hand still is on a roll always having good performances and getting out everything nice from the judges. And now for the downloads…

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American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Studio Performances Downloads

There are only 4 contestants left and only a few more weeks to go a new American Idol will be crowned. The remaining 4 contestants are gonna perform classic rock songs from the 70’s and 80’s this week. the downloads also contain the duets between Allison and Adam and Danny and Kris.

A short recap on what happened last week, Matt Giraud was voted out, he was the Idol who was saved by the judges before and had been given a second chance. But in the end he still didn’t make it through.

The Top 4 Finalists

On this weeks performance, there was a duet between the contestants where Danny Gokey paired with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert paired with Allison Iraheta. On the solo performance, once again Adam Lambert is on a roll. Simon commented that there was one problem and that was nobody could top Adam’s performance which really did. Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta had bad comments because the song they have picked did not suite them well. Kris on the otherhand was also commented that rock wasn’t just his genre type. While I personally didn’t want Danny Gokey’s performance. Having to sing Dream On which is one of the kick ass songs became a screaming song for him. Now for the downloads…

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American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Studio Performances Downloads

Its our weekly downloads again, but now its the American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Studio Performances Downloads. This weeks songs are from the Songs of the Rat Pack. The classics for other terms for it.

A recap from last weeks performances where two of our idols got voted out. Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai sadly had to go home because they had a lot of bad comments from the judges. Especially for Lil who had straight negative comments.

American Idol Season 8 Top 5

On this weeks performances, well obviously the 5 remaining are really the ones who are best among the best. Though some had some bad comments all coming from Simon, almost every performance was good to me, except Matt Giraud who was the one saved two weeks ago. His performance was a bit rough, couldn’t understand some words or the arrangement was different. Off to the downloads.

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