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Who is the MONKEY now..

A lot has be going lately around and one of the biggest thing that happened is that a typhoon named Ketsana (international name) or Ondoy (local name here in the Philippines) just hit our country last week.

Maybe some of you have already seen videos through the news or even in youtube (you can search typhoon Ondoy to view some of these) and maybe heard that a lot of property had been destroyed and washed away. Our country even suffered deaths.

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Only In The Philippines

Yeah it is just really in the Philippines, where holidays are moved, instead of this coming April 9, which Philippines celebrates; “Araw ng Kagitingan” (Day of Valor) a holiday which we commemorates the fall of Bataan during World War II. Although President Gloria Macpagal-Arroyo moved it to April 6 to create a long weekend.

And again more holidays to come for the Philippines.

MANILA, Philippines – President Arroyo has declared Nov. 27 and 28 as non-working holidays in line with the celebration of the Eid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), the culmination of Harirya Hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Mrs. Arroyo, on the eve of her 62nd birthday celebration, made the declaration after consultation with Saudi Arabian ambassador Mohammad Ameen Wali.

Eid’l Adha is the second major Islamic festival celebrated by 10 million Filipino Muslims in the country.

The first Muslim festival, Eid’l Fitr or the “Festival of Breaking Fast”, is celebrated two months earlier.

Source: Yahoo

There were other holidays that were also moved in the past year. Is this right for a country? Maybe even Christmas Day and New Years Day will also be moved in the coming years who knows. Maybe there will also be an Arroyo Day before the presidents term will be over.

PLDT myDSL — DNS problem?

I am currently having connection issues to other websites since yesterday morning. Websites load slow or don’t even load at all. I think they (PLDT) are having problems with their DNS servers that only websites like Yahoo, their own websites load fast. Some sites as well load  but take time, just like WordPress here, and friendster. Downloads are also up and i am not having problems with it.

I have already emailed/called them about the issue and currently waiting for good answers.

It just sucks to not able to browse you favorite websites.

Facebook Account


Just edited my facebook account.. I created an account last year but forgot the email and password i used. Anyway I didn’t know that facebook has grown into a big community by now. It looks better than other social networking websites as well, but thats just my point of view (no offense to others :D).

It has a lot of features just like other social networks around the internet. What I really wanted was that I could add my blog here onto facebook itself. It adds up like and RSS feed to your profile, If ever I update here it will automatically show up on my facebook account (coooooolll.. lolz). You can add video directly if ever you have a cam, and upload it right away in seconds. Maybe you have some items that you aren’t using anymore and want to earn some extra cash. Beacause there is also a marketplace where you can sell them. Just like a mini e-bay. It has even a chat box where you can chat with your friends who are online directly (nice nice). I found that it has some nice applications too.

Anyway, there was only one thing that I didn’t like and it was about the upload photos section. Where only 60 photos can be uploaded per album (not a good one really..) But still in the end I have no choice but to accept this (its better than nothing).

If ever you drop by il be seeing you in facebook (maybe..)

Why Get Jealous All Of A Sudden

Jealousy why are you always there, when things are going so smooth, u just pop up like a computer virus destroying, ruining, infecting, hurting relationships. Giving a hard time for the both individuals. So why do we feel this kind of thing deep inside of us.

Definition of Jealousy (From Wiki)

Jealousy is a passion, focusing his definition on the effects of jealousy, which “frequently get out of control” (Goldie, 2000, p. 229). It is a common observation that the experience of jealousy can last much longer than the one of a basic emotion like anger, without losing its original intensity, and, in a paradox captured in Rochefoucauld‘s maxim, it may outlast the attachment which it fears losing: “jealousy is always born with love; it does not always die with it.”

The Experience of Jealousy Involves:

  • Fear of loss
  • Suspicion or anger about betrayal
  • Low self-esteem and sadness over loss
  • Uncertainty and loneliness
  • Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other
  • Distrust

I just came up writing on this kind of article because I recently found out that my wife was jealous over my multiply page when he saw our relationship with my ex-girlfriend that it was indicated ex-wife. That should have been an ex-girlfriend, but because there is no ex-girlfriend relationship it was made to ex-wife. I hated the feeling that my wife is jealous because past-is-past. Whatever happend to me and my ex-girlfriend was already made and done, its over. My wife even posted a bulletin on friendster stating that she was a 2nd wife and that she couldnt surpass my ex-girlfriend. She doesnt talk to me, and she didnt tell me about the issue, she just got jealous all of a sudden. I could not explain myself.

ISP Downtime..

ISP went down around 15:00 to 20:00 +8 GMT due to unknown reasons. That’s just one the problems most of us encounter. The frustrating part about it is, we don’t get informed that if their servers are going down for maintenance, technical issues, hardware upgrades or what ever happened that caused the downtime. More frustrating part are the technical support group. We call them, ask them what happened, and they give funny answers, because i was asking why we had lost connections. They question me back, is your router properly connected, is the light on your router on, blah blah blah.. They seem not to have understood my complaint which means.. they too are unaware that some/lots of their costumers had lost internet connections in some regions in that period of time.

We residential subscribers are affected with this kind of downtime. Some people consider internet a part of their life. Like me, no internet = no life. How can I post topics in my blog. How can I surf for new idea’s, and some other stuffs like that. Also this kind of problem mostly affect internet cafe shops, which we have a lot here in our locality, and some small business establishments. A unawared downtime can cause a loss in income or even a customer. I have worked in an internet cafe before and I had experience about lossing trust from costumers due to ISP downtime. We couldn’t do anything about it we just hear them talking about their complaints  and all we could answer was “sorry”.

I hope this kind of problem never occur anymore. But only the ISP’s can tell.. >.<

Missing with Inspirations

I miss writing.. so many things to tell.. so many ideas lost.. so many exciting stories that happened.. And yet I was thinking that blogging was just a waste of time for me. And my post will all just go down the drain. I had no self confidence. I was too busy to write. I had to go to work, i had to spend time with my wife, my family, friends, and writing couldn’t just fit in my schedules. But something just got me back to blogging again. I was encouraged by some people who are also into blogging. One of them is Markku, a friend of my brother Ramil, you can check his own personal site here.

His whole site made me realize that blogging wasn’t just a a waste of time. It can be a hobby, a way to express yourself to the world, maybe you will attract fame? be recognized by some? maybe.. Who knows some nonsense post/writing to you, can become an interesting article to others. It’s up to you what you want to make out of what you are doing.

I’m starting from scratch again. My new blog is still under construction. I’m still editing the the whole layout. It will take some time depending on my schedules. I have two recent blogs but they are not updated you can check them out here (friendster blog) and here (multiply blog).