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My Baby Is 2 Months Old Today

Two months have already passed since my baby boy Mahriuz was born. It was just like yesterday he was just a small crying, eating, sleeping baby to a big, eating a lot more, sleeping a lot more, with a lot of smiles now and a little less bit of crying.



He is growing fast.  He doesnt want to sleep in his crib anymore, he likes sleeping with us, he loves to sleep on his belly which is too early and he wants to be carried up straight. He cries and always wants our attention. Its just normal baby habit though.

As usual no month parties this time..

I love you so much Mahriuz… 😀


Having a Happy Relationship

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Source: Yahoo

At Last I Caught Him Smiling..

After almost a month I got a picture of my son Mahriuz smiling. He smiles but I had a hard time taking a picture of him. I had to run around our room to still find and get my camera, after I got it the smile was gone. It was just this morning when this happend. His mom was talking to him while at the same time my camera was just beside the bed. Then suddenly poof a smile puffed out. But in the picture it looked like he wasn’t just smiling but was laughing, maybe, maybe not It was like 3-4 seconds long. But it was fu, his eyes are almost disappear, his dimples come out, his face becomes round.

Stolen Shot
Stolen Shot

He is getting bigger already. I am having a hard time taking care of him, specially when he goes to sleep. Instead of just closing his eyes, he cries and cries until he tires himself to sleep. He gives stress but at the same time he makes us happy. But that’s just normal he is still a baby and he needs a lot of attention.

Time Passes…

I didn’t know it was already Monday and I have not posted anything for the last three days. Time really passes by not to mention very fast.

My son’s gonna be a month old already. I hope his mom’s planning a celebration for him, even though there is no 30 in February. He’s growing fast, some of our relatives thought that hes was already more than a month old. He was 3.4 kilos when he was born. His mother had a hard time having a normal delivery. But thank God all things are good and well.

Do I Look Like My Dad? *wink
Do I Look Like My Dad? *wink

More Pictures of Mahriuz

Remembering the blackout last Saturday. Sheesh.. I hope it was worth it having a blackout so that they could give us better service. I think thats why i had not posted anything these past days. Maybe my brain was affected by the blackout. No power for 10 hours from 7am to 5pm. So far it was announced the day before.