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My Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

If you were a follower of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood here in my blog, you may have noticed that I ended up only to summarize on episode 6 and till now there is already an episode 8.

I am dropping or should I say discontinuing on summarizing this beautiful anime starting now because of time allocation (busy busy). But still I am watching the anime being released every Sunday nights.

Sorry for those who are folowing my summaries (if ever there


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 6

FMAThis came up late again because I was busy with family matters and had no time updating my blog until now. Sorry, anyway here I give you the summary of episode 6. But first a short recap on what happend last episode.

Summary From Last Episode:

A man named Scar attacked the Elric brothers but his main target was Edward. Scar kill’s only state alchemists because of what happened in Ishbal and that Alchemy goes against God’s path. Edward escaped death with the help of Colonel Mustang and Major Armstrong who battled Scar and drag him away. But the Elric brothers suffered from the attack. Edwards automail arm was destroyed in the killing attempt, while Alphonse armor was in bits. After the incident the Elric brothers thought of going back to Resembool to restore what they had lost in the fight with Scar.

Next Episode is entitled: The Road of Hope

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 5

FMAEpisode 5 has been released and again here I am to break down the events on what happened on the episode. But first a short recap on what happened last week.

Summary From Last Episode:

An unknown killer who was named Scar, is on the loose inside the city killing all state alchemist due to the fact that alchemist go against God’s path. Meanwhile the Elric brothers met another state alchemist named Shou Tucker who had a daughter Nina and a dog named Alexander. They needed Tucker’s help in order to find a solution if how they can bring their normal bodies back. But a larger problem is at hand when Tucker transmutated his daughter and dog into becoming a chimera to avoid being removed from his service. In the end the unknown killer found out where Tucker lived and ended his life and Nina’s as well.

Next episode is entitled: Rain of Sorrow

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 4

FMA Episode 4 is here and I have posted this one late due to some personal activities I had to attend to. Anyway I think this anime is getting out of hand again. It is not following its manga storyline, but still its up to us, If you want it watch it, if you dont want it dont watch it, its just that simple.

Summary From Last Episode:

A high priest in Lior named Cornello acted as he could do alchemy and create miracles with the help of a philosopher stone in his hands. The Elric brothers who visited Lior and the church had seen that Cornello had somethinn up his sleeve and tried to question him about the stone but ended up in a fight and had stopped Cornello’s plot in conquering the world. In the end the philosopher’s stone was fake and it evaporated after they have defeated Cornello.

Next episode is entitled: An Alchemist’s¬† Distress

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 3

FMA Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 3 has now been released for us to watch again. But first a short recap of what happened on the last episode.

Summary From Last Episode:

While on the train going to Lior the Elric brothers think back on what happened on their younger years and what happened to them. The brothers did human transmutation which caused Alphonse to lose his body and Edward lost his arm right arm and left leg. This is where Edward had seen the door and an image of a person, which gave him the gift of not using transmutation circles to perform alchemy. The episode also tackles how Edward was recruited into becoming a military dog where in Roy Mustang went to his home to do so. Edward passed his test which has been also audienced by the Fuhrer, King Bradley and was impressed about it. After the test Edward was given the title “Fullmetal”.

Now for the third episode entitled: The Town of Heresy

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 2

FMA The second Episode of Fullmetal Alchemist has been aired, as I mentioned from my last post, I will be writing an episode after episode of the series. I’ll be starting by summarizing the previous episode as well.

Summary from Last Episode:

The Elric Brothers fought a former state alchemist turned rouge with the name Isaac McDougall who was the Ice Alchemist, that tried to take down the current government who was led by the Fuhrer King Bradley. The Ice Alchemist also wanted to recruit a former state alchemist who was put to prison for his unholy acts but failed to do so. While the Elric brothers were on the pursuit, they realized that the Ice Alchemist had a philosopher stone in his hands. Being beat down and wounded the Ice Alchemist tried to escape but was killed in the hands of the Fuhrer. At the end of the episode the humunculos Lust and Gluttony  appeared and were talking about Lior.

Now on to the second episode entitled: The Day Of The Beginning.

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My Thoughts on Dragonball Kai


I want to start of by explaining why it is called Dragonball Kai. It can be clearly seen that “Kai” has been added, which in english means updated or modified. This Dragonball series is not a new one, but it has only been refreshed for Japanese TV. It is also being aired again to celebrate Dragonball Z’s 20th Anniversary.

According to some sources the original 291 episodes of the original series will be cut in half, the story will be following the manga, to have a faster moving series. The series will also be released in widescreen and HD quality to make it clearer. The opening and ending themes are even different from the original series and have nothing to do with the original themes. No Cha-La Head Cha-La here.

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