A Tribute With A Funny Taste

Yes all of us know the great king of pop has died due to a heart attack as he collapsed in his rented mansion last June 25, 2009. After his death a lot of things came popping out of the internet, tributes and other things just to show how great he was. But I in the other hand found a weird video from youtube. It was an audition from Malaysian Idol which was held in 2004. Lyrics added got it from one of the comments. By the way the lyrics added is not the true lyrics of the song but instead, due to the video which has a low quality and a little noisy background, the guy/gal who posted it got the lyrics by watching the video. Enjoy!

she was more like building queen of bomb bashing
i shave her mama what do ya mean i am the one
who’ll da heck on the floor and drowned
she say i am the one
who’d sex on the floor in rounds
she told my hair name was ‘billie jean’, I squash a shin
then there in heaven that ice cream being the onethose people are stupid, heck becareful of all you
what donut ring in young girls scarf..heee hee
in the name of astronomy,heck becareful all of you
heck becareful of you, here comes the troops hey hey hey!
the billie jean is nut my lerr
she’s just a girl,
hookers high in the one
but the kid is peanut my son
she said i am the one
but the chick is being nut by sun

Every time I watch this video I always laugh at it. It makes my day and removes all the stress away. Even one of the judges laughs at the guy doing the audition. This is really highly recommended. As they say laughter is the best medicine.


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