Back At Last

God its good to be back after several months of not posting nothing in my blog. Well to tell you the truth I have been kinda busy with my personal life most of the time I have been gone and I didn’t have time to post.

I have seen a lot of things running around the net lately. By the way one of the most interesting news is that whats happening to out internet right now. I have read articles concerning that another fault from the cables under the sea bed of Japan which was caused by an earthquake has caused internet slow downs through 14 countries in Asia, which started yesterday morning August 12, 2009. Some of the ISP which were affected are Bayantel and PLDT. And as expected all the trouble will be fixed maybe by August 20, 2009.

Source: PC World

I remember this happened again a few years ago and it was caused by yet another earthquake. Really life is rather different when you are used to sit in front of your PC browse the net, chat with friends, play DOTA (lol), harvest crops in farmtown/farmville, download new movies or mp3’s when suddenly without notice your internet connection slows down. Some sites are viewable but heavy websites which contain flash movies, or flash games will not load or have a hard time loading, streaming sites like Youtube cannot be accessed as well. I almost called my ISP provider to consult on the problem, but before that I heard the news on the radio.

Anyway its really to come back and blog again. I will update again regularly for what and what’s not going on in this world.

PS: Until internet connections go back to full speeds I may not be able to update this coming days.

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