Flock Browser Good For Facebook


Just found some interesting browser on the net. A lot have been around, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, but Flock is different from the web browsers I mentioned. If you have noticed the logo it says “THE SOCIAL WEB BROWSER”

You can visit and download it in their website FLOCK

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My Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta First Impression

YMThe newest Yahoo Messenger is now out for download. Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta is already up for grabs through the internet for some time now. If you don’t have it, I recommend you download it now. Just click the link below

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta

There are not a lot but some changes and enhancements have been made for Yahoo Messenger. Some new icons in the chat window, Yahoo Insider as you log in your account has also changed, a drop down menu for choosing your language below the log in screen and a lot more. By the way if your a web cam addict user, then you will be most happy with this version.

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Pirate Bay Shuts Down (Updated)

the-pirate-bay-logoWell this is a news everyone would find interesting. With several attempts to take down this mighty torrent site, they really have done it. (but for how long..)

Stockholm, Sweden: One of its district courts have taken action to bring down one of the famous public tracker living on the internet.

Even though some of its owners lost from a recent court trial, the pirate bay didn’t go down, but continued it’s services.

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Games I Play On Facebook


Facebook is one of the social networking sites found via the internet. The site also provides lots of interesting features, like joining a group or finding help about almost anything, and of course don’t forget the games included.

The first thing that came up on my mind when I signed up for facebook was the games it had to offer. I didn’t expect that there would be a lot of different games provided by the site. On the other hand some of the games are similar to others. One of the examples are Mafia Wars and Mob Wars, they have the same genre and almost the game play is similar.

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A Tribute With A Funny Taste

Yes all of us know the great king of pop has died due to a heart attack as he collapsed in his rented mansion last June 25, 2009. After his death a lot of things came popping out of the internet, tributes and other things just to show how great he was. But I in the other hand found a weird video from youtube. It was an audition from Malaysian Idol which was held in 2004. Lyrics added got it from one of the comments. By the way the lyrics added is not the true lyrics of the song but instead, due to the video which has a low quality and a little noisy background, the guy/gal who posted it got the lyrics by watching the video. Enjoy!

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Back At Last

God its good to be back after several months of not posting nothing in my blog. Well to tell you the truth I have been kinda busy with my personal life most of the time I have been gone and I didn’t have time to post.

I have seen a lot of things running around the net lately. By the way one of the most interesting news is that whats happening to out internet right now. I have read articles concerning that another fault from the cables under the sea bed of Japan which was caused by an earthquake has caused internet slow downs through 14 countries in Asia, which started yesterday morning August 12, 2009. Some of the ISP which were affected are Bayantel and PLDT. And as expected all the trouble will be fixed maybe by August 20, 2009.

Source: PC World

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