American Idol Season 8 Winner: Kris Allen

Well here it is, the American Idol Season 8 winner. I created this topic to congratulate this seasons winner; Kris Allen. This post includes all his songs starting from Top 13, which are also the studio versions.

Kris Allen

Kris Allen was from Conway, Arkansas and auditioned for the American Idol Season 8 at Louisville, Kentucky. He went to Hollywood and made his way up through the Top 13. Kris is talented while performing he used to hold musical instruments such as an acoustic guitar, piano and keyboard. He performed songs which he got good compliments from judges that he would make it to the top. But still a time will come when your performance will not be as good (or as bad) as the last one. He impressed the judges with his version of “She Worked Hard For The Money” on disco week, again with his version of “Heartless”. It was a battle for the finals when both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert battled it out. Kris had a hard time singing the coronation song “No Boundaries” but still it was a close battle between the two finalist. In the end gaining the most votes from all around America, Kris Allen came out as the winner. He was shocked to hear it and he said that Adam Lambert deserves it more, he was still being the humble type until the end.

Off to his songs starting from Top 13. Songs provided are Studio Versions except for the Finale.

Song Downloads:

Top 13: Michael Jackson Week
Song Title: Remember The Time

Top 11: Country Week
Song Title: To Make You Feel My Love

Top 10: Motown Week
Song Title: How Sweet Is To Be Loved By You

Top 9: Pick Your Song Week
Song Title: Ain’t No Sunshine

Top 8: Song’s From The Year I Was Born
Song Title: All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Top 7 Part 1: Song’s From The Cinema
Song Title: Falling Slowly

Top 7 Part 2: Disco Week
Song Title: She Works Hard For The Money

Top 5: The Song’s Of The Rat Pack
Song Title: The Way You Look Tonight

Top 4: Rock Week
Song Title: Come Together
Duet with Danny Gokey: Renegade

Top 3: The Final 3
Song Title: Heartless
Judges Pick: Apologize

Top 2: The Final 2
Song Title: What’s Going On
Coronation Song: No Boundaries

The Finale Live Versions:

1. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert – I Will Remeber You

2. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert – We Are The Champions

3. Kris Allen and Keith Urban – Kiss A Girl

There you have it Kris Allen the winner of this Season’s American Idol. Congratulations once again to you and goodluck on your career.

Enjoy the downloads.


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