American Idol Season 8 – The Finale

UPDATED: Links are now back to mediafire enjoy them as you like them. I have also added a studio version of Adam Lambert’s No Boundaries.

Well it comes to the week where the American Idol Season 8 has been crowned. From thousands who audited to just two battling for the number spot and gain the title.

This finale is a duel between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Danny Gokey was eliminated last week by the voters and let Kris Allen pass through. Even though we all know that he had many negative comments from the judges. But this is  a democratic competition, where voters actually pick their man, just like voting for a president.

The Final Two

On performance night the Idols had to sing 3 types of song, one song which was picked by the director himself, Simon Fuller and one for what they had performed through out the competition and songs picked by Kara DioGuardi. Round by round the two contestants had to battle, at first Kris won the judges comments while in the second round Adam takes it. Some of the most negative comments came from Simon Cowell which he said to Kris that it was a big mistake from America for voting him and still being in the competition (ouch!).

Downloads which are provided here are the Live Version and the only Studio Versions are the 2nd songs the Idols performed which are the songs picked by Simon Fuller himself, plus No Boundaries Studio Version from Adam and Kris are also included here. If the links don’t work just leave a comment and I’ll get to it ASAP.

Live Version:

Adam Lambert

1. Mad World
2. A Change is Gonna Come
3. No Boundaries

Kris Allen

1. Ain’t No Sunshine
2. What’s Goin’ On
3. No Boundaries

Studio Version:

1. Adam Lambert – A Change is Gonna Come
Original by: Sam Cooke

2. Kris Allen – What’s Going On
Original by: Marvin Gaye

No Boundaries Studio Versions:

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

The Finale was a good one with lots of performances from different artist like David Cook, The Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Kiss, Queen, Rod Stewart, Santana and more. There were also performances or duets should I say from the Top 13 finalist. If it will be available I will upload them soon.

Now I know a lot of you have already watched the final show, I was dismayed by the result’s in which Kris Allen won and has become American Idol’s Season 8 champion. It was a turn of events, Adam Lambert who was always on a roll was beaten in the last moment, I know watching the show that a lot of Kris Allen supporters showed up. Its like its not winning by how good you can sing but its winning because a lot of fans choose you to be the winner, weird but that’s what happened. I think Simon Cowell wasn’t happy with the results by just looking at him while Kris was singing No Boundaries.

This season became the most boring season for me. It was good from the beginning until the champion was finally crowned. Season 7 was a lot better than this I can say. The ending was just like an ordinary American Idol show with lots of glitters falling down.

I will be creating a topic about Kris Allen soon. It will included all the studio performances downloads. For now enjoy the songs picked by Simon Fuller.


6 thoughts on “American Idol Season 8 – The Finale”

  1. how can i download the others songs? adam lambert and kris’ songs cant be downloaded. rapidshare shows that there is an error? what can i do about this? anyway, thanks for the downloads! i always check your site every judgement day… thanks again and i appreciate your site!:)

  2. that’s the set back when using rapidshare you will have to wait for about 15 min before you can download a file again.. which sucks.. anyway im looking for another place to upload..

    thanks jogs for the visits and concerns 🙂

  3. all I can say Cynthia is that people didn’t vote Kris based on performance but voted him based on popularity. Maybe because he had a lot of fans and supporters that gave him the gold. 😦

  4. thanks raphy! your a real help in updating my idol compilation! glad that it’s back on mediafire. thanks again! i really appreciate it! 🙂

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