American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Studio Performances Downloads

There are only 4 contestants left and only a few more weeks to go a new American Idol will be crowned. The remaining 4 contestants are gonna perform classic rock songs from the 70’s and 80’s this week. the downloads also contain the duets between Allison and Adam and Danny and Kris.

A short recap on what happened last week, Matt Giraud was voted out, he was the Idol who was saved by the judges before and had been given a second chance. But in the end he still didn’t make it through.

The Top 4 Finalists

On this weeks performance, there was a duet between the contestants where Danny Gokey paired with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert paired with Allison Iraheta. On the solo performance, once again Adam Lambert is on a roll. Simon commented that there was one problem and that was nobody could top Adam’s performance which really did. Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta had bad comments because the song they have picked did not suite them well. Kris on the otherhand was also commented that rock wasn’t just his genre type. While I personally didn’t want Danny Gokey’s performance. Having to sing Dream On which is one of the kick ass songs became a screaming song for him. Now for the downloads…

Solo Performances:

1. Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love
Original by: Led Zeppelin

2. Allison Iraheta – Cry Baby
Original by: Janis Joplin

3. Danny Gokey – Dream On
Original by: Aerosmith

4. Kris Allen – Come Together
Original by: The Beatles


1. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta – Slow Ride
Original by: Foghat

2. Danny Gokey & Kris Allen – Renegade
Original by: Styx

Votes have come out and im sadly to say the remaining girl in the group was finally voted out. On other events No Doubt performed and so did Daughtry. One bad performance was from Paula Abdul herself who had lip synced the whole song. It was better if it had just been a dance performance. Anyway there you have it. Only 3 remain for the American Idol Season 8.

Tune in again next week. Enjoy your downloads…


2 thoughts on “American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Studio Performances Downloads”

  1. Paula should judge cheer competitions instead because she was a cheer dancer herself.

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