Pacquiao vs. Hatton A Night Away


Just one more night and the battle begins, for one of the awaited boxing match in the year. Manny “The Pacman” Pacquaio versus Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton. This fight looks like both Manny and Ricky are very prepared and neither would want to go down. They have trained very hard for months and now its almost time to show who had their trainings worth. Will it be really as the poster says 50/50 chance per fighter, we will just have to watch to see what really happens. Both the IBO and The Ring Light Welterweight Championship belts are on the line in this match.

My wife and I had a bet but it was just for fun, she betted for Manny and that leaves me for Hatton. Many say that the match up looks equal but to my point of view I don’t believe that, nobody knows the outcome and even if you looked very strong and fierce in training, it will always be different once you get inside the ring. Just like the Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya match, I heard a lot say that Oscar will be faster than Manny, which is his main skill. But when the match started, Manny was a lot more faster than Oscar. Many viewers were shocked upon the outcome of the match, Manny dominated Oscar round by round. That’s why I couldn’t tell who’s better. Its just much as gambling, random outcomes.

400Php ticket

I have two tickets for the Pay-Per-View event tickets cost 400 Php around 8 dollars and it comes with a  free food and drink stub with it (not bad eh?). The venue is at Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel, Ballroom Function Hall. The show will start at 9:00 AM, GMT +8 tomorrow (a liitle bit early) and seats are a first come first serve basis (boooo!) which means you stay at the back if your late (lol). A via satellite show will be aired on television, but it would be i think two hours or one hour later than the Pay-Per-View show. And one very frustrating thing about watching it on televsion is that the commercials come out 5 times more than normal television airing (who would want that).

Tomorrows the day and I have to go to bed to get up early, I dont want to stay at the back of the crowd. Goodluck to all who have made some real deal bets.


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