Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 4

FMA Episode 4 is here and I have posted this one late due to some personal activities I had to attend to. Anyway I think this anime is getting out of hand again. It is not following its manga storyline, but still its up to us, If you want it watch it, if you dont want it dont watch it, its just that simple.

Summary From Last Episode:

A high priest in Lior named Cornello acted as he could do alchemy and create miracles with the help of a philosopher stone in his hands. The Elric brothers who visited Lior and the church had seen that Cornello had somethinn up his sleeve and tried to question him about the stone but ended up in a fight and had stopped Cornello’s plot in conquering the world. In the end the philosopher’s stone was fake and it evaporated after they have defeated Cornello.

Next episode is entitled: An Alchemist’s  Distress

Fullmetal Alchemist
Episode No. 4
An Alchemist’s Distress

Opening Theme: Again by YUI
Ending Theme: Uso (Lie) by SID


Someone named Basque Gran who is the “Iron Blood Alchemist” is questioned by an unknown man who is known to be a killer who goes after state alchemist. The man tells him that alchemist’s who goes against God’s path must perish. A battle quickly sets off with Basque Gran bringing out lots of cannons from the ground and attacking the unknown man. The unknown man is to agile for Basque Gran and dodges all of his attacks until Basque Gran tries to entrap the man inside a steel wall. As soon as Basque Gran approaches the steel wall the unknown man breaks it and instantly killing Basque Gran.

Members of the army found out what had happened and the Fuhrer himself had showed up on the incident. Lt. Col. Hughes who is in charge of the investigation was instructed by the Fuhrer to bring down the traitors as soon as posibble. Meanwhile back at the headquarters Colonel Mustang’s group are busy on reports and everyones got their hands full. They talk about Lieutenant Yoki, who owns a mine at Yuoswell and was filling his pockets with it until the Elric brothers exposed his bad deeds and is now hiding from the government. Sergeant Fuery who is busy fixing the radio is having problems until the Elric brothers show up. Colonel Mustang is waiting for them and have a brief discussion  on what had happened in Lior. Edward told Mustang that the philosopher’s stone was a fake but it had great power in it. Wanting to get their bodies back Mustang tells them about and alchemist who could help. His name is Shou Tucker the “Sewing-Life Alchemist”, who is a scholar at chimera transmutations became a state alchemist after transmutating a chimera that understood human language and could speak but only one sentence “I want to die”.

The Alchemist’s arrived at Shou Tuckers house, introductions were made and Shou Tucker asked Edward why he wanted to do such alchemy. Edward told the story and they wanted to bring their mother back. After the short conversation Tucker decided to show them his work and see if any of them could help. Their research was interuppted due to a little girl who is named Nina and a dog named Alexander who wants to play with them. Before leaving the house Havoc told Tucker he had a message from Mustang “It’s almost the day of assessment”. Nina heard and asked what an assessment is, Tucker explains and he must have good evaluations or else he would be removed as a State Alchemist.

—-Commercial Break—-


The next morning the Elric brothers are back at Shou Tuckers house to continue their research. They also heard from Nina that her mom left her two years ago and she is lonely because she has no one to play with except with Alexander and her dad is too busy because of his work. Edward felt her loneliness and asked them to have an exercise which was playing around. Below the house Tucker was still thinking about the deadline Mustang gave him. Meanwhile Hughes and Armstrong are having a discussion on why the unknown man was only targeting State Alchemist. Armstrong explained that maybe because what happened in Ishbal is the result of someone being angry and wanting to kill them. An officer goes in and reports that they had seen a man with a large scar on his face at Central City Station. Hughes thought that maybe he is trying to escape. Back at Tuckers house, Tucker explains to the Elric brothers on how their life was before he became a state alchemist and how badly he needs goods evaluation for him to keep his work and he doesnt want to back being poor.

The next day as the Elric brothers enter the house of Tucker they notice that no one was answering until they find him in a room. Tucker tells the Elric brothers that he created the perfect chimera, the one that understands and speaks human language. Edward was amazed until he heard the chimera speak “oni-chan”. He noticed instanly that it was Nena and her dog Alexander. Edward then also knew that Nina’s mother was Tucker’s first experiment. Edward got furious and grabs Tucker. Tucker then explains that what the Elric brothers also did is also toying with humans and he says that they are both the same. After the incident Mustang tells Edward that he will again run into this kind of incident in the future. Edward answers that whatever the military will call them he is determined to get both their bodies back.


Back at Tucker’s house while Tucker was talking to her now mutated daughter Nina the unknown man had showed up again and asked if he is really Shou Tucker. Again the unknown man tells Tucker “Alchemists who goes againsts Gods path shall perish” and instantly kills Tucker with one grip. As the unknown man see’s Nina and knew that there is no way for her to return to normal, he also takes Nina’s life and let her leave the world in peace.


Next Episode: Rain of Sorrow

While still grief-stricken upon the death of Nina, the Elric brothers encounter and are attacked by the unknown man, who has a the name Scar and want to bring the Elric brothers to their grave.

Stay tuned for the next episode.


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