Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 3

FMA Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 3 has now been released for us to watch again. But first a short recap of what happened on the last episode.

Summary From Last Episode:

While on the train going to Lior the Elric brothers think back on what happened on their younger years and what happened to them. The brothers did human transmutation which caused Alphonse to lose his body and Edward lost his arm right arm and left leg. This is where Edward had seen the door and an image of a person, which gave him the gift of not using transmutation circles to perform alchemy. The episode also tackles how Edward was recruited into becoming a military dog where in Roy Mustang went to his home to do so. Edward passed his test which has been also audienced by the Fuhrer, King Bradley and was impressed about it. After the test Edward was given the title “Fullmetal”.

Now for the third episode entitled: The Town of Heresy

Fullmetal Alchemist
Episode No. 3
The Town Of Heresy

Opening Theme: Again by YUI
Ending Theme: Uso (Lie) by SID


The Elric Brothers have arrived in Lior and are having lunch. When the owner asked them if they were performers, Edward got pissed and said “Thanks for the food”. But upon standing up Alphonse hit the sign where the radio was on and it dropped down to the floor and has been smashed to pieces. The owner felt bad, but Edward told him that they would fix it. And so Alphonse draws a transmutation circle and performs the alchemy. The audience were amazed and thought that they too can do miracles. The brothers said that they were alchemist and boasted who they were. After fixing the radio a voice got their attention and asked who the person talking was. The owner told them that it was Father Cornello who came years ago to teach the ways of God and that he will bestow eternity to the living and resurrection to the dead. The brothers then went infront of the church to witness the miracles, which they knew it was alchemy but without equivalent exchange, and it can only mean one thing “The Philosophers Stone”.

After that the Elric Brothers went inside to visit the church they met a girl named Rose who was praying that someday his his love one will be resurrected from the dead. Edward questions her if she really believes in it. Then Edward reads to her the basic ingredients needed to resurrect the dead and Rose does not understand a word he had said. Edward explains that alchemists are scientist and don’t need a creator or a God but are close to with God. Rose then thought that they call themselves Gods. Then Edwards tell her a story recalling that he knew a hero who came close to the sun lost his wings and fell to the ground.

The Elric brothers want to meet Father Cornello in order to know more about the Philosophers Stone, so they requested for an interview which Father Cornello already knows that Edward is the Fullmetal Alchemist. They try to set them up to dispose of them but unfortunately failed in doing so. Father Cornello then appears with a short conversation after Edward confronts him that he is fooling people around with his so called alchemy. But Father Cornelloinsist that his miracles are not alchemy which Edward now concludes that he can create this miracles because he has an amplification device which is the Philosophers Stone in his ring. Father Cornello then instructs Rose to pick up the gun and shoot the Fullmetal Alchemist and that he will resurrect her dead lover. She then pulls the trigger but instead of shooting Edward she shot Alphonse instead . Alphonse is not hurt because he is just a soul attached to a suit of armor. After that Cornello realeases a chimera which Edward fights of and beats thanks to his automail hand and leg, where in Cornello also realizes a “suit of armor plus a lost leg and arm” the Elric brothers performed the greatest sin of alchemy, Human Transmutaiton.

—-Commercial Break—-


Rose was shocked to hear this and Edwards tells her that this is the price to pay if you venture into God’s domain. Edward even asked Rose if she can endure what he had experienced. Father Cornello then turns his cane into a minigun and shoots the Elric brothers including Rose. They managed to escape using alchemy and fend of the guards of Cornello. After the incident the Elric brothers separate where Rose goes with Alphonse. Rose then asks Alphonse if what Cornello said was true and Alphonse explained that they wanted to resurrect their mother but failed and payed a great price, Edward losing his left leg and Alphonse losing his whole body. But in order to affix Alphonse’s soul onto the armor Edward had to pay for his rght arm as well. After hearing what had happened Rose still believed that Father Cornello can do what the Elric brothers failed at.

Meanwhile Cornello finds Edward in a room and Edward wants to have an open chat with him. Edward asked Cornello to what is the secret of the Philosophers Stone. Cornello answers that he would have followers who would gladly throw their lives for him, he will have an army and will take over the country in a few years. Cornello didnt know that he was being broadcasted and the whole town heard what he was talking about through the speaker Alphonse had created on top of the bell tower. It angers Cornello but still he couldnt beat Edward in their battle. Cornello uses his Philosophers Stone and makes him a monster. Even though with much power he was still unable to beat Edward which results to the Philosophers Stone breaking and therefore Edward concludes that it was a fake.


After the battle Rose confronts the Elric brothers while holding a gun to give her the Philosophers Stone, Edward tells her that it was only an imitation and it broke down on its own, still Rose did not believe him and thought that they would just use the stone to resurrect their dead mother. Edward again answers back that the dead cannot be revived. Rose broke down in tears and doesnt know what to do. Edwards tells her to think that upon herself and to stand up and to move forward that she didnt need anyone to rely on. Later that night Cornello was trying to escape the angry towns people and ended up in a room where Lust and Gluttony were waiting. Lust kills Cornello saying that they are done with him, that they have to start over again, because their so called father would get angry at them.


Next Episode: An Alchemist’s Distress

The Elric brothers went to the Eastern Headquarters to report what had happened in Lior. There they met the Life Binding Alchemist, Shou Tucker and his daughter Nina.

Until next time.


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