Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode No. 2

FMA The second Episode of Fullmetal Alchemist has been aired, as I mentioned from my last post, I will be writing an episode after episode of the series. I’ll be starting by summarizing the previous episode as well.

Summary from Last Episode:

The Elric Brothers fought a former state alchemist turned rouge with the name Isaac McDougall who was the Ice Alchemist, that tried to take down the current government who was led by the Fuhrer King Bradley. The Ice Alchemist also wanted to recruit a former state alchemist who was put to prison for his unholy acts but failed to do so. While the Elric brothers were on the pursuit, they realized that the Ice Alchemist had a philosopher stone in his hands. Being beat down and wounded the Ice Alchemist tried to escape but was killed in the hands of the Fuhrer. At the end of the episode the humunculos Lust and Gluttony  appeared and were talking about Lior.

Now on to the second episode entitled: The Day Of The Beginning.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Episode No. 2
The Day Of The Beginning

Opening Theme: Again by YUI
Ending Theme: Uso (Lie) by SID

The Elric brothers are on a train and are headed for Lior. While on the train the brothers talk about a priest in Lior who can do instant transmutations from thin air. Upon thinking of the posibilities that it may not be a trick at all, Edward tells Alphonse that the priest maybe in posession of a Philosopher’s Stone, which is the item they need in order for Alphonse to get his original body back.

Now going back ten years ago. Al and Ed’s mother are looking for them and was amazed that they were doing alchemy. After that they were absorbed with it. But during summer of that same year, their mother died due to an epidemic. The Elric brothers thought of the idea to bring back their mother from the dead using alchemy. Although it was forbidden the brothers took a shot on it. They trained and read books to enhance their knowledge about human transmutation. After years have passed, the day of the taboo came. As soon as they started the alchemy, everthing went wrong. An eye poped out of the transmutation circle and after that Alphonse lost his whole body while Edward lost a leg. Edward woke up in a white room where there was a large door and a white being, who was “The World”, “The Universe”, “The God” or “The Truth” “Whole” or “One” and mentioned that he can also be Edward. After the brief introduction the door behind Edward dragged him inside showing him the truth behind everything. He was almost at breaking limit due to not understanding what was inside the door. But then he realized the truth and saw an image of his mother. While trying to reach her hand, Edward was infront of the gate again. He found that his transmutation did’nt go wrong but it was just not enough. As he wanted more about the truth the image told him that he couldnt give anymore due to the fare he has given was not enough. And this was his left leg being removed as a rule for equivalent exchange. Edward was brought back to where it all started to find out that his leg was really gone and the human transmutation ended in a incomplete product. He then needed to save Alphonse and managed to affix his soul into a metal armor which again caused him his right arm.

—- Commercial Break —-


Mustang and Hughes were talking about the final report from Isaac McDougall also known as the Ice Alchemist. While on their way out of the building, Hughes asked Mustang why he made Edward a state alchemist while in the first place he was just a kid, and while Edward is in the army he may see hell someday just like the both of them. Mustang knew that the Elric brothers had seen more than enough of hell with their past experience.

Going back 4 years ago, after the Elric Brothers had done their taboo. Mustang and Hawkeye visit the brothers home. Mustang was shocked when he saw where and what the brothers had done and wanted to speak to them. As soon as they found out where they are located Mustang grabs Edward and asks him what kind of thing did they do. Alphonse jumps in and apologizes. After the short incident, Mustang talked to Edward Alphonse and Winry’s grandmother and told them that Edward was skilled enough to become a state alchemist, and has told them that there would be a chance for them to get their original bodies back again.

While the conversation with Mustang was going on, Winry asked Hawkeye if she ever shot someone before, and she said that she hated soldiers because her mom and dad were brought to the battlefield and got killed, and she didn’t want Alphones and Edward taken away. Riza Hawkeye answered that it was both Alphones and Edwards desicion if they wanted to join. Winry then asked Riza why she became a soldier. Riza again answered that because she had to protect someone. After leaving Mustang knew he was successful in recruitng the brothers because he saw it in Edward’s eyes. Edward was determined to undergo operation and have automail’s to replace his lost leg and arm.  Instead of rehabilitating for three years he only needed one. After rehabilitation Edward discovered that he didn’t need a transmutaiton circle to perform alchemy just like their teacher. He though Al could do it too, but realized that Al didn’t see “IT”.


After full rehabilitation, Edward went to take the state alchemist exam, where the Fuhrer King Bradley was present. Everyone at the exam was impressed that Edward could perform alchemy without a transmutation circle. After performing his alchemy, Edward rushed to the Fuhrer and told him that important people can get assasinated and should rethink about how the examinations are carried out. The Fuhrer then told he had guts, but didn’t know how big the world is. As the Fuhrer left the room, Edwards spear was cut into two parts which he didn’t notice that the Fuhrer had drawn out his sword. While Edward was put to the test Alphonse and Winry stayed home and were talking if Edward will pass his state alchemist test. And if he does pass Winry asks if Edward will leave the village. After the exam, Edward passed the test and has been given a certificate of appointment and has been given a title bestowed by the Fuhrer “Fullmetal” in which Edward liked the heavy and hard feeling.

The brothers are now approaching the town of Lior in which Edward thinks they might find a clue on how to bring Alphonse body back to normal with the Philosophers Stone.


Next Episode: The Town Of Heresy

Ed and Al arrive in the town of Lior and meet a man named Cornello who advocates the resurrection of the dead and who has a ring on his hand that bears to be a Philosophers Stone. He is the person mentioned that could also use alchemy without using a transmutation circle.

Till the next Episode


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