The Godfather II

godfather2I have been waiting for this game from EA. It was supposed to be released earlier this year but had been postponed for April 7, 2009 (which was yesterday) to fix some major issues and needed to be polished.

It looks like a nice game but I had read reviews from gamespot. Rated 4.5 out of 10, it seemed like something went wrong with the developement. They reviewed the game as though it was’nt finished and it had a repetitive gameplay.

Anyway im still gonna try the game. Who knows if I will enjoy it. People don’t have the same taste for something after all.


It’s Only Business.

On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed in Cuba, leaving it to you to take the reigns and lead your battered organization and reestablish the Corleone powerbase in Queens. Success breeds opportunity: after you’ve proven you have the chops to run a top-tier crime organization, Hyman Roth invites you to expand and support him in South Florida. Do you accept his offer or do you remain loyal to the Corleones? Things get even more complicated when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, and you’re tapped to run the Family with support from Tom Hagen.

Whatever decisions you make, you must build up your arsenal, command your crew, and establish and maintain power… or face the consequences. Stack your pockets with favors from those in positions of influence as you fight off attacks and strike back at your rivals. As the Godfather there will be a price on your head and a target on your back, but don’t take it personally. After all, it’s only business.


The Don’s View

Be a true Don as you coordinate all the action using a 3D world map: survey your turf, place defenses on businesses, analyze crime patterns, identify new illicit racket monopolies, and choose the target of your next attack. As the Don of a family, there are a ton of great strategic choices to makein the Godfather 2 while you take on the action –for now, we’ll focus on Monopolies.


Act Like A Mobster, Think Like A Don

Relive the greatest moments from The Godfather II in an open-world action experience inspired by the movie.

Your goal is to create the wealthiest and most powerful mob family in America. You can accomplish this by extorting and taking control of all illegal rackets, businesses, and black market smuggling rings in the game – if you need to resort to a little violence along the way, well, it’s only business.

Command Your Crew, Build Your Family

In The Godfather I, you played a single character working your way up through the Corleone Ranks. In Godfather II, you start as the boss of your own organization. Your empire may start off small but you are still a formidable Don.   As you progress your family size and hierarchy will expand and you will decide who to recruit, promote and even remove within the family.


In time you will invest, customize and develop these characters into diverse tools and weapons for your arsenal. Your men possess exclusive skills and specialties that can be taken into battle. Each Made Man will be responsible for their actions and will even serve jail time if caught red handed.

As head of the family, you call the shots and work to build your family into America’s most powerful crime syndicate.

Family Composition and Growth

The number of members your family can hold is based on your game progress. In the beginning your family size is limited to a single Soldier and yourself  As you progress, the game will reward and prompt you to recruit additional family members until you have reached the maximum family size.

There are six ranks within each family, starting with the Don. As the Don you will have a right hand man, your Consigliere Tom Hagen. Your Consigliere will teach you the ropes and advise you on how to take down the other families.


The rest of your family is comprised of an Underboss, Capos, Soldiers and Associates. These are the men who guard your interests and follow your orders without question. Direct them wisely and upgrade them to develop their specialties and increase the power of your organization.

Of course, each rival family has it’s own family tree as well. Learning how to hunt down and permanently eliminate their made men will be critical to your success.

Godfather II Multiplayer

Play The Godfather II online multiplayer modes and become the true Don of Dons. Take your money, weapons, and crew from your single-player experience online and wage mob warfare against players around the world.  Play as one of your family’s Made Men and put your best strategies to the test as you battle for riches and honors that transfer back and forth between your single-player campaign.


For more info the game visit The Godfather II website


One thought on “The Godfather II”

  1. Oi raph, nag-biag ak manen! hehehe

    I practically took over my brother’s PC when I spent the Holy Week in Laoag. I got to play this game, and it definitely does not deserve such a low score from the critics. It may not be a full-fledged FPS in terms of controls and realism, but it was able to seamlessly merge elements of NFS: Underground, The Sims 2, and Gangsters 2: The Vendetta (2001, Eidos). I would’ve given it a score of about 7/10.

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