New DSI Coming Up!

White and Black Version of DSI

Only two days more to go and the new DSI will already be released in the US this coming Sunday April 5. While it was already released in Europe last Friday.  This multi-purpose gadget will not only be for games anymore, but will be used like a entertainment device as well. It has been mounted with two cameras (one at the back and front). And of course it is mounted with a microphone (why don’t they make it into a phone that would make things better). The DSI will be sold for $170 per piece.

The DSI was first sold in Japan and was mentioned in my previous post, which sold from a hundred thousand units before to almost 2 million units now.

Nintendo again competes with technology against its old foe Sony PSP, and with a new rival emerging the Apple iPhone. Handheld gaming is really pushing technolgy to its edges this days.


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