PC Games for 2009

I have written an article about upcoming movies for 2009 and now I have made an article for PC games which is coming out this 2009. The games listed are from my own point of view are some recommended games to watch out for this year.

ETW Title: Empire: Total War

A game from SEGA and based from the Total War series. Empire: Total War is a Real-Time-Strategy game on which you conquer lands, countries, continents, and even the whole world.

tomclancyhawx Title: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

Modern flight sim game. This game cam from Ubisoft. If you have played Ghost Recon you may have called for an ultimate air strike. But in this game you are the one doing the air strikes. A lot of dogfights in this game. Don’t miss it.

thelastremnant Title: The Last Remnant

There weren’t much games from Square Enix for the PC. Especially in the RPG-RTS genre. But now we have one, and a good one too. This game has so many battles that it would take an hour to finish one. Addictive to some but still it depends on the player.

demigod Title: Demigod

Strategy game from Stardock, the makers of Sins of the Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations. This game is pure RTS in long terms; Like most RTS there is the building and gathering of resources. In Demigod it doesn’t have those, instead you control a demigod to wreck havoc for you.

diablo3 Title: Diablo III

Long in the making but will it worth the wait? From the game veterans and makers of Starcraft comes the third set of the Diablo series. More better, badder and bloodier than ever. There’s not much to say about this game because you already know it.

COHTV Title: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

Real-Time-Strategy games are on the rise here. Yet another one; Company of Heroes series. THQ-Relic made another addictive world war II game. This will be a stand alone version as Opposing Fronts did when it came out.

godfather2 Title: The Godfather II

This one looks a way lot different from the first Godfather game. Game from EA, the game was supposed to have been out by now but due to some fixes it was postponed. You now can control areas here, you have an eagle eye view of the map called the “Don’s view”. You can assign a family member to do his own job and kill them if ever they turn their backs on you. Highly recommended indeed.

sims3 Title: The Sims 3

EA again gives us the game which they say is the most successful in its franchise. The Sims 3, just like The Godfather II, this game was postponed for fixes and polishings. It should have came out this February. If Sims 2 had to load when you go out your lot, this game will not. Once you get out of your crib its already hello town (or world). You can explore it in one a whole. Better AI and more perks. The ultimate game you must not miss.

maxpayne3 Title: Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games proudly present: Max Payne 3. The game that already had 2 titles and had been adopted to the big screen. Max Payne 3 will come out this winter hopefully, and the story will still be on the Max, the badass cop with lots of demons sorounding him. He will look older now of course and he is already retired from his NYPD job. Can’t wait to see this.

You may have noticed that most of the games are part 2 and part 3’s which makes it more improved to please (or not) gamers. Don’t miss them. You won’t regret it.

Leaving your comments would be nice 😀

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