Max Payne 3 Winter 2009

maxpayne3Max Payne 1 2001, Max Payne 2 2003, and now after 6 years a Max Payne 3 has be announced from one of the best gaming company the world has ever known “ROCKSTAR GAMES“. One of the best especially those Grand Theft Auto Series.

The story of the game will still be— on Max Payne himself, but by this third part he will now be retired from his police duty from the NYPD. He will even look older and more cynical as they say due to his internal demons that corrupt him. Maybe this game will be more bloody than the past Max Payne’s.

I hope this game rocks just like its counterpart Max Payne 1 and 2. I loved those games, especially the bullet time effects, which where it all started. The series was even adapted to the movies which Max Payne was acted out by Mark Wahlberg just last year.

The game is coming out in winter this year. It is still a long wait for us though. But I guarantee this  game will be better and it will kick a** for sure. We all know Rockstar Games won’t let us down.

Visit the Max Payne 3 Website


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