Torrent: What is it?

First of all, when we hear the word torrent first thing that comes into our heads are: downloading, piracy, illegal. But why is it so very popular in the whole world? What is a torrent anyway? Where did it come from? How does if work?


A Torrent is a small file that contains basic information of a file, or a set of files which has a suffix .torrent. This can also include filename, the size of the file associated with the torrent and the place where it will be downloaded. These torrents can almost be downloaded anywhere on the internet. Torrent is very popular when downloading files such as movies, games, software’s, music, e books, anime, etc. which is illegal and you could be jailed for it. Many people do this to avoid paying for the items, and it makes it much faster to get what they want.

But before you could download the files associated with the torrents. A torrent client is needed. There are so many clients to use for torrent files. They are user friendly clients with just only a click away your download has already started.

Even though some get caught doing this illegal distribution of files more and more still come out poping.

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